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Britney is really talented and was a joy and a relief to work with to decorate our nursery! We don't have a ton of money, but have even less time and ability to design/decorate. Over the years in our house we've tried working with 4 different designers and Britney is my favorite- she just seems to "get it" when it comes to what we're looking for- a balance of practicality, aesthetics and value, with frequent, clear and accurate communication. Other designers either felt so much ownership that the room went way over budget and doesn't even feel like ours, or so little ownership that we stressed the outcome wouldn't look nice. Britney is very intuitive and understanding of how we make decisions, walked us through each step, and we felt totally comfortable giving her feedback along the way. We have ended up with the most beautiful (and use-able) nursery for our baby as a result, and spent less than we budgeted for it. I trust her immensely, found her process very helpful in relieving our stress, and am planning to hire her again for our next project!

After reviewing Britney's website, I filled out the Request for Proposal form on-line and received a call from her the very next day. As I was moving into a new home with many nooks and angles that I wasn't sure what to do with, I called upon her services for space planning to help me plan my furniture needs and placement.

Britney arrived on time to our appointment, asked me many questions around style, feel and needs of the space. She also had a laser and spent some time measuring my home in the focus areas of the living room and dining room. 

I was wowed by my space plan e-mailed to me one week later that was complete with a list of furniture sizes I could shop and acquire on my own over time. She listened to my needs and ensured I had a reading nook, work space, a potential spare bedroom area as well as the standard functions of a living room and dining room. My wish to have a "moody color palate" inspired her design of my "jewel box" (walls and furniture with jewel toned colors) and she mapped out the colors on the walls and ceilings. She also gave me a color palate to work with so when I shopped for rugs, art and other items, I selected items that worked together in the room.

Lastly, Britney reviewed some prints with sentimental value that I wanted to incorporate in my home, but aesthetically, they didn't fit the look. Britney has a background in digital design so she worked with the prints to make them more contemporary and sent me the files so I could get them printed and framed

My budget was not large and I feel I received a fantastic floor plan, a comprehensive list of furniture sizes and a color palate for a good price. It was like Christmas to get this all this information and inspiration during a stressful remodel and move and I thank her for all of her help!

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