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An (Almost) Blank Slate

Eight months into being a new homeowner, I can honestly say that I love it... but the journey we took to get here was not fun. At all. Instagram can feel very sunshine and rainbows (in the case of my living room that is a literal description) but the reality is we are only here because of a massive inconvenience and several months of absolute misery and stress. ⁠

⁠We loved the small condo by the beach we lived in for almost two years but one day there was water on the floor. Water. On. The. Floor. That's it. Cut to a man with a tool belt informing me I had to vacate the property immediately. A leak from two floors up = mold + HOA red tape + out of state landlords. Three months of living in hotels, AirBnbs, waiting for construction to be completed (or even started), shuttling all of our stuff in and out of FOUR separate storage units. We eventually had to give up and find a different solution.⁠

We found our house in late October of 2021 and were willing to overlook quite a few features in the interest of moving forward and not living in an AirBnb for a fourth month. Once I got past all of the murals (three plus a fourth beach scene abandoned mid-project), the cat-pee soaked casino carpeting, the 1965 kitchen, the out-of-scale bathroom vanities and the anxiety inducing thought of why someone would need two separate security systems...we realized that the good far outweighed the bad. We moved in Mid-November and it's been work, work, work ever since.

After all of the headache and stress I am getting to live my ultimate dream and do anything I want to a house. So, I guess, if you're experiencing something difficult and find something you love is being ripped away, you now know at least one person who can confirm that the universe might just be making space for something better.


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